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How to do armored makeup, step by step!

A makeup waterproof, sweatproof… in short, proof against everything! And no, we are not talking about waterproof makeup or waterproof, which are also an ideal option, but the armored makeup. Yes, you read that right. Armored. Have you heard of it? Read very carefully because this makeup is a trend!

And it is that the use of the mask has forced makeup lovers to find a way in which neither the mask. The time we’ve spent putting on make-up will not be ruined by sweat or water.

Before seeing what it consists of, step by step, the armored makeup we are going to give you a clue, and is that this makeup is based, mainly, to apply the product in question and then fix it, apply the product and fix and so on. One more fact, it is Brazilian, it is a technique very elaborate and some experts describe it as exaggerated, both in terms of the amount of product to be applied and the result. But let’s get down to practice!

How to do armored makeup step by step!

Moisturize the skin

The first thing we are going to do is prepare and moisturize the skin for the armored makeup. We will do this by applying a moisturizer or oil, the one that best suits the needs of your skin. It is advisable to use cosmetics in which the oil prevails and does not have water as the main component. Because our goal is that the makeup repels water droplets.

Compact powder waterproof

How to make the waterproof makeup step by step - Compact powderOnce we already have the skin hydrated, the next thing we are going to do is to seal that hydration, and we are going to do it by applying some waterproof compact powders. Although you can also use a makeup that is not waterproof.

With this we will be creating a waterproof barrier between the foundation and our skin.

Long lasting matte foundation

Just like when we were talking about moisturizer, we’re going to use a foundation where water is not the main ingredient. We will choose a long lasting matte foundation.

Makeup fixer

The makeup fixer is another of the main protagonists of this makeup. Although, this product can be mixed with the base before applying it, the truth is that, in this case, we are going to apply it after having put on the base. With this product we are going to fix the base that we have applied before the latter.

Contour cream

How to do armored makeup step by step - Cream Contouring.The next thing we are going to do is apply a cream contour. We can do it well with a sponge or with a brush whichever is easiest and most comfortable for you. We’re going to make a stripe from the sideburns. If you’re going to use a sponge, it’s very important that you know that it has to be dry.

Concealer for dark circles under the eyes

After applying the contour on the face and also the nose, we are going to apply a product very well known by all, as it is the concealer for dark circles under the eyes. We are going to do it on the dark circles under the eyes with an small sponge.

Sealing contour and concealer.

Without letting the contour and concealer seal, we take a brush and apply the powder by gently tapping on the areas where we have applied the last two products. Keep in mind that both the contour and concealer are going to be wet, so it is important that you do it gently.


How to do armored makeup step by step -. To apply our blusher keep in mind that, as we just said, the contour and concealer have not yet dried, so do it very carefully.

Also, keep in mind that after the products we’ve applied, it’s not going to be necessary to apply a lot of blush, since we’ve already highlighted the areas.


Also on damp skin, we’re going to apply the highlighter. We’re not going to apply too much because we’re not going to need it.

Makeup fixer

When we’re done with the highlighter, we’re going to apply the makeup fixer. If before we have used it in cream, now we are going to use it in spray. And we’re going to do it liberally, until we get a wet face and completely wet.

Translucent powder

Armoured make-up (step by step) - Translucent powderWithout removing the moisture from the face, we are going to apply some translucent powders on the skin to set and seal the makeup.

And that’s it. Now you understand why experts say that it is a very elaborate and somewhat exaggerated technique, right? Of course, it is a makeup that can last from 8 to 10 hours. And you, would you dare to try it?

Annabel Jones
Annabel Jones
Beauty and health editor, copywriter and branding consultant
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