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The 2020 advent calendars with beauty products you’re going to crave

Christmas is coming! Advent calendars are a fun way to create illusion in the countdown to December for young and old alike. For lovers of beauty advent calendars beauty are one of the most awaited and every year more and more companies surprise us with a special selection of their products. star productsPerfect as a gift or as a present for yourself!

What is a beauty advent calendar?

Advent calendar is a symbol to wear. the countdown before Christmas. A calendar that offers a surprise to discover every day of December, from the 1st to the 24th of December, Christmas Eve.

The original chocolate advent calendars created to sweeten the wait for Christmas for the little ones have evolved to surprise everyone today, and create excitement not only for children. From classic sweets, toys to all kinds of gifts, including cosmetics! This is how beauty advent calendars came about, hiding a surprise cosmetic to discover every day.

Advent calendars hide in each issue a surprise for each day of December until Christmas.

The beauty advent calendars are presented in different formatsall of them in a very Christmas style and divided into 24 sections to hide little surprises. For DIY lovers, one option is to create your own advent calendar with small boxes, bags or holders to store the chosen beauty products.

What surprises can a beauty advent calendar hold?

Each calendar includes 24 surprisesfrom make-up, creams, hair products, soaps, colognes… Even jewellery! A selection of iconic products in regular or mini format to discover or rediscover all the beauty basics of each brand.

Get your advent calendar beauty 2020 and a new product every day. An original way to try new products that maybe you didn’t know about, to give as a gift or to treat yourself!

1. Make-up advent calendars

Lipsticks, foundations, concealers and highlighters, blushers, eye shadows and pencils, mascaras, eyelinersnail files and nail polishes… Surprise yourself with the selections must-have from your favorite brands.

Sephora beauty advent calendar.

Sephora beauty advent calendar:

Maybelline makeup advent calendar 2020.

NXY Professional Makeup Advent Calendar 2020

2020 advent calendars with beauty products - Maybelline makeup.

Maybelline makeup advent calendar:

L'Oreal makeup advent calendar 2020.

L’Oreal makeup advent calendar:

Golden Book Makeup Advent Calendar 2020

Golden Book advent calendar:

2. Cosmetic Advent Calendars

If you love to pamper your body the cosmetic advent calendars will be your weakness. They hide 24 beauty products, some calendars are a varied selection of cosmetics to take care of your skin, hair, nails … and others have specialized in a single product that offers different versions such as the special advent calendars of skin ampoules o advent calendar of miniature soaps.

What can you find in cosmetic advent calendars?

  • For the face: From exfoliating scrubs, nourishing day and night creams, eye contours, make-up removers, and cleansing gels, instant effect tissue masks, lip balms.
  • For the body¬†Deodorants, hand and body creams, body oils, shower gels and sponges, soaps, bath salts or bath bombs, pumice stone for the feet.
  • For hair: Products for perfect hair such as shampoos, hair balms.

Nivea cosmetics advent calendar 2020

Nivea cosmetics advent calendar 2020:

3. Jewellery advent calendars

If you love costume jewelry you will love the jewelry advent calendars. A fun way to wear a new accessory every day.

  • What surprise products can you find? From charms to hang a new one every day on bracelets and necklaces to pendants, earrings, rings, anklets…

jewellery advent calendar

2020 jeweled advent calendar:

jewellery advent calendar 2020.

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