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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Food Alert: Decathlon recalls these 5 capsules and bars because of carcinogen in ice cream

The company notes that the affected products have been recalled, although some of them were sold before the recall.

Facua-Consumers in Action has warned of the withdrawal from the market by Decathlon of. five products of the brand Aptonia sold in its establishments for having “an ethylene oxide content in an ingredient higher than that fixed by the regulations in force”.

Specifically, these are Vitamins + Minerals orange-flavoured bars in packs of 30 units, with batches L 21.140 and L21.189; Salts Caps electrolyte capsules in packs of 100 units, with batches L 21.182; the lemon flavoured bars Electrolytes Tablets “Ecosize”. in double packs of 20 pieces, lot L 21.166; Electrolytes Tablets strawberry flavour bars in double packs of 20 pieces, lot L 21.188; and Electrolytes Tablets lemon flavour bars in double packs of 10 pieces, lot L 21.167.

In a communiqué issued on the company’s website, in the notice section “Safety communication”, Decathlon has informed that “the affected products have been withdrawn from the market, however, some of these products were sold prior to this recall. between 19 June and 12 August 2021 inclusive’.

These capsules and bars join the list of ice cream that Mars made public on its website last month, the dozens of Nestlé varieties (manufactured by its subsidiary Froneri) which Facua has publicised in the last few weeks, those of IFA Group (also manufactured by Froneri) advertised in their supermarkets, the 29 varieties of ice cream brand Carrefour that the chain announced on its website, as well as the four batches of vanilla custard that unveiled the La Fageda brand and which were also affected by contamination with the carcinogen ethylene oxide.


Facua criticizes that the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) of the Ministry of Consumption carries since the end of July without updating the list of affected products. on its website, where there is only a link to the Mars website with its list of products subject to recall for the presence of ethylene oxide and another to the Nestlé website, which does not even provide the list of contaminated ice cream, but a search engine to enter batch numbers and find out if they would be affected. The capsules and bars sold by Decathlon also do not appear in the network of alerts.

The association advises users who have one of the affected products in their homes to refrain from consuming it and to proceed to return it to the establishments for a refund. The association calls on all other manufacturers and distribution companies to also act with transparency and make the list of contaminated products they have produced or marketed.

In this sense, it warns that many catering establishments and food stores could continue to market products contaminated with ethylene oxide if they did not acquire them through the distributor but directly in hypermarkets before its withdrawal. Therefore, insists on the need not only that the autonomous communities monitor the withdrawal protocols, but that there is transparency towards consumers on the affected items.

Ethylene oxide is, as indicated by the Aesan, an “active substance in plant protection products is not approved in the EU nor, therefore, in Spain. It is a substance classified as mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic for reproduction”.

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