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The four best foods to get back in shape after a summer of excesses

We should not ‘compensate’ the excesses of summer by eating only salads, fruits, or even green smoothies, but take a varied diet.

Although there are still a few weeks left for the official end of summer, with the arrival of September the days of rest and freedom come to an end. In Spain, the ninth month of the year is characterized by back-to-school shopping, the start of new projects, and, among them, getting back in shape and good eating habits. To start off on the right foot, many people sign up for a few weeks of detox to expelling what’s left of the summer’s beer, tapas, and ice cream from their bodies.

However, experts claim that these detox diets are useless. While it is true that the body can get to harbor certain toxins, our liver already does the job of getting rid of them. Therefore, after a period of excesses are not necessary or diuretic products, or shakes, or juices designed to cleanse our body. Basing our diet for a period of time on this type of product leads to the displacement of other foods that are important for our health.

However, many people also understand the detox period as a time when they eat less or even eat fruit and salads. Although these foods are healthy, our meals need to be more varied so that we get all the nutrients we need to stay healthy. That is to say, if we only take this type of food we avoid others with a reputation for being heavier, but which are really very important, such as legumes.

The detoxification of our body is the task of our liver, kidneys, and even lungs, but we must take care to provide healthy nutrients. Here are four foods that help us after returning from vacation.


Legume dishes are much more popular when the cold weather arrives, however, their health benefits are important all year round. They are quickly related to hot and more hearty dishes but can be adapted to fresher and lighter recipes. Both a chickpea salad and a stew can be interesting recipes to resume healthier lifestyle habits.

Frequent consumption of legumes is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease: specifically, Harvard University states that. consuming 3 to 4 servings of this type of food per week reduces the chances of suffering from obesity, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. In addition, they are high in vegetable protein and fiber, which makes their glycaemic index low.


These small fish are, precisely, one of the most popular of the summer in Spain. Sardines are typical of summer in the north, but also in the south where they are skewered on skewers that are put on the fire. Eating them is so healthy that we should continue to do so during the summer: cans of sardines, in this sense, are healthy, easy to find and very cheap..

Sardines are a type of oily fish; that is, they contain a high content of healthy fats. These substances reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases. Being small-sized fish, they present a lower risk of mercury poisoning.. In addition, according to this article from DAV, a recent study has revealed that they protect against type 2 diabetes.

The oats

Breakfast cereals have for years been one of the indispensable products in the shopping of households in Spain. However, in recent years awareness of their consumption has increased: we should not take them daily because most of them contain a high proportion of free sugars that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and even type 2 diabetes.

In any case, whole grains are an important food for our daily lives. A healthy substitute for the typical sugary cereals is oat flakes. although they can be bland to the palate at first. They can be sweetened with fruit or nuts. It is a very energetic food that stands out for its fiber (beta-glucan) and vegetable protein content.


The peach season spans the entire summer and, although this season is coming to an end, we shall still be able to enjoy another month of good specimens of this fruit.. One of the most famous beaches in Spain is the Calanda peach, which has its own denomination of origin. These specimens ripen on the tree in a bag and arrive at the supermarket this month to stay until October.

For a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables should make up 50% of their composition. In this sense, fruits provide, first of all, a large amount of water to our organism, but also fiber -which, in addition to benefiting the intestinal microbiota, reduces cardiovascular risk- and vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of our body.

Fede E.
Journalist and copywriter in equal parts. Critic and specialist in information related to gastronomy and food.
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