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Maca, the superfood with invigorating and aphrodisiac properties


Maca is an Andean tuber with amazing properties: it helps you with stress and fatigue, stimulates fertility and even boosts libido – a superfood!

For thousands of years the people of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes have selected the foods that have enabled them to adapt best to harsh living conditions at 3,000-4,500 metres above sea level.

Among them is the Andean maca (Lepidium meyenii), a tuber of the cruciferous family (like cabbages, radishes or mustard), rich in minerals (copper, iron, calcium and zinc), in vitamins of the B group and in substances with stimulating effects.

Although it almost disappeared as a crop, the rediscovery of maca’s benefits has sparked interest in its consumption and it is now considered a superfood.

All the properties of maca, in bed and out of it.

The properties of maca make this Andean tuber suitable for both men and women. Not only can it help against hormonal disorders, but it can also become a good ally forenjoy sex morebecause it increases libido and reduces stress and fatigue. Let’s look at it in more detail.

  • It increases fertility. One of the most recognized properties of maca is that of promoting fertility. It contains substances – alkaloids called macamides – and minerals such as zinc that act on the functionality of the hormonal system, of both men and women and increase the likelihood of fertilization.
  • Improves female problems. It is also useful for alleviating menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders, and polycystic ovary syndrome. However, maca has not been proven to alter hormone levels.
  • Stimulates libido. This natural aphrodisiac is one of the few foods that has proven its ability to increase sexual desire and enjoy sex more. According to the expert in phytotherapy and integrative medicine Tieraona Low Dog, she also stimulates women’s libido. In the case of men it increases the volume and quality of semen and fights erectile dysfunction.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue. One of the benefits of maca is its adaptogenic power, that is to say, it favors the mental and physical resistance in circumstances that provoke anxiety, depression or exhaustion. A study published in Phytotherapy Research concluded that it helps to regain balance after an episode of stress. Some athletes use it to increase their physical performance. Moreover, in nutritional therapy, it is recommended for people with chronic fatigue.

How to take maca

You can easily find the maca powder or maca flour which is nothing more than dehydrated and ground maca. Another way to consume it is capsules of extract.

  • To take maca powder: the recommended amount is 5 to 15 grams per serving (5 grams for children). You only have to boil it with water or milk for making beverages, or mixed with juices fruit and vegetable juices, sauces or smoothies. With vegetable milk you can prepare a comforting maca latte.
  • To take the extract capsules: are taken as a supplement or in nutritional treatments. Doses vary between 3 and 6 capsules per day (each capsule usually contains about 500 mg).

Keep in mind that you can find maca in different colors. The most common are yellow, black and red. The properties are similar, although some authors point out that red maca is especially indicated for men, because it takes care of the health of the prostate.

In the Andean countries, within the framework of the traditional diet, this tuber was taken as a important source of calcium. We find up to 500 mg of this mineral in 100 grams of maca flour.

Taking one tablespoon of dehydrated maca powder (about 10 g) will be enough for you to get the. 75% of the recommended daily amount of iron 4% of calcium and 3% of magnesium. To make sure that you assimilate the iron well, it is best to accompany maca with fruits rich in vitamin C.

Traditional consumption and studies indicate that it is a safe food, without risks or contraindications.


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