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Properties of baobab fruit or monkey bread: the African superfood


The baobab fruit is loaded with the healthiest micronutrients and has become the trendy superfood.

The fruit of this African tree provides a wealth of healthy micronutrients and has become a powerful aid in keeping your bones, blood, skin and heart in shape – all in one!

The fruit of the baobab, a nutritional bomb with many benefits.

The baobab tree is native to Africa and its fruit has been one of the most important major sources of nutrition in the South African diet. The fruit is similar in appearance to the coconut, weighs about one and a half kilograms each and has a sweet and sour taste.

The pulp-which is consumed in powdered form once it has dried naturally-has great nutritional value. It is often taken as a supplement, but it is also integrated as a thickener in culinary recipes. From the green leaves of the tree are also extracted potent essential oils with antiseptic properties.

  • Against anemia and fatigue. On the fruit of the baobab, one of the most abundant minerals is iron.┬áThis mineral is a key component in hemoglobin, a blood protein responsible for transporting oxygen to each of our cells. And this is the reason why this superfood is totally indicated in cases of anemia and for when we need a dose of instant energy.
  • Regulates blood pressure. Its high content of potassium, a mineral that has a vasodilator effect, helps regulate blood pressure and prevent clogging of the vessels. It reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis, stroke and heart disease.
  • Strengthens bones. The calcium and the magnesium are two other minerals very present in this fruit, and are essential to take care of bone health. Therefore, baobab is very suitable for enriching preventive and palliative diets for osteoporosis, osteopenia and other diseases related to decalcification and bone degeneration.
  • Helps your immune system. It is also very rich in ascorbic acid, better known as. vitamin C. The content of this antioxidant gives this fruit the ability to increase the levels of white blood cells and strengthen the immune system.
  • It slows down skin aging. Vitamin C is also a essential component of collagen an indispensable protein for stimulating the growth of tissues, bones and cartilage. High doses of ascorbic acid not only stimulate the immune system, but also help in the repair and healing of damaged tissues.
    It is also an element key element in the production of elastin, another protein that gives elasticity and tones the skin; this is why the baobab fruit is given anti-aging properties.

How to take baobab

It is marketed in powder form which we can easily add as a topping To our juices and green smoothies, like in this tropical smoothie. It can also be a great extra ingredient in any dessertlike this kiwi, banana and baobab tart, to which it adds its sweet and sour flavour with hints of citrus.

With one teaspoon daily we have enough to experience its many benefits.


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Journalist and copywriter in equal parts. Critic and specialist in information related to gastronomy and food.
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