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Discover oosouji: the new Japanese method to clean the house easily

Having the house tidy, free of clutter and dirt, is one of the New Year’s resolutions that many people want to carry out. Comprehensive home cleaning can be done from serenity, eliminating any ties or annoying trinkets.

Therefore, the Oosouji, an ancient Japanese discipline, proposes to let go of the past to look to the future and understands the cleaning as a healing and spiritual component for which we must prepare.

How to prepare for the big clean?

Before putting Oosouji into practice, a series of aspects must be considered, starting with time; for one cleaning integral of the homer, it will take several hours, so it is essential to book a day to carry out this task.

They should all be on hand those products that may be needed: garbage bags, products cleaning, labels, boxes… Before starting to clean, it is essential to purify the environment; therefore, you will have to open the windows and let the fresh air invade the house.

During the process, the mobile must be disconnected. Only in this way can one be focused on the mission and, at the same time, disconnect from the rest of the world. It is preferable to start first thing in the morning when the mind is clearer.

Music can be played by choosing one melody that is not distracting. The Oosouji method proposes choosing a room to start cleaning and not changing rooms until it has been finished.

During the cleaning process, they will come to light objects that are no longer used, that are old, worn, or broken. Perhaps this is the most complicated step, but we must get rid of them, either throwing them away or donating them. Only then can we make room for new belongings.

Clean thoroughly: vacuum dust, scrub, empty drawers, and cabinets, move furniture… This is an in-depth cleaning to examine what is no longer useful and get rid of it.

How to carry out the cleaning?

From up to down

You should start cleaning from the top: covering ceilings, cleaning walls, dusting furniture … Then vacuum or sweep and scrub.

Follow a clockwise path when cleaning a room.

Cleaning begins and ends at the same point, a way to close the loop and leave the old mess or dirt behind.

Use boxes for those objects that are no longer useful

It is important to let go of the things that we can no longer take advantage of. The boxes will be well received in charities because donating is an act of faith, a kind gesture that can make us feel better.

Using garbage bags

Have garbage bags in the room to go dumping all that dirt in the room makes it easier to get rid of it once the cleaning is finished.

Tidy up the home

Get rid of upholstery stains, furniture repair or replace burned-out bulbs or other non-working gadgets if necessary. Damages negatively recall the past and affect behavior.

Every member of the family involved

If you want to do a comprehensive cleaning of the entire home, all family members should participate in this activity. Each of them must have decision-making power over their belongings and make the selection of the old for themselves to welcome the new.

Pay debts and bills

The Oosouji also includes pay debts and bills to settle everything that is pending in our life. Once the debts are paid, we will breathe better.

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