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Get your pots and pans shiny as the first day with this simple gesture

One of the most common items in the kitchens half of Europe is the batteries of stainless steel cooker stainless steel cookware, pieces that, after being used for years to cook countless recipes, remain intact and with hardly any damage. Not in vain, they are made with a material known for its durability and resistance and its ability not to alter flavors or odors.

However, its continued use eventually leads to a loss of luster on pans or pots, as well as a generally dull appearance. Sometimes, even just boiling water a couple of times can cause a soft layer to appear on the stainless steel which detracts from its luster and is very difficult to remove. If you live in an area with hard water, you know exactly what it is.

Such simple tasks like boiling an egg or blanching some vegetables can cause pans to appear dull, somewhat dirty-looking despite being clean and noticeably aged. Not even rubbing with impetus even after each use, the stainless steel part is not restored to its original appearance, which is a source of despair for those who want to keep everything spotless.

The cleaning trick is to leave the kitchen spotless.

With this simple cleaning trick, however, it is possible to recover in just a few seconds the natural shine of stainless steel and give those pots and pans (and the rest of the kitchen elements, such as the sink) a sparkling appearance. And all with a natural product: vinegar.

If you have white vinegar for cleaning, you can use it to restore its original luster when scrubbing your cookware. Just rub them with a splash of vinegar before rinsing them, and they will be spotless.

However, it is not imperative to have vinegar for stainless steel pans that can be cleaned with white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar, as white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar will also achieve excellent results. And it is not necessary to scrub the stainless steel pans in this way every time they are used, but rubbing them occasionally with vinegar before the last rinse or when we begin to see that they become dull will be more than enough to give them proper maintenance and keep them with a shiny and impeccable appearance, as well as to disinfect them in a natural and tremendously effective way.

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