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How to repair a leather sofa easily and cheaply

Leather sofas are a decorative element that is increasingly taking. more strength and presence in our living rooms. However, they tend to be very expensive and they crack easily, especially when we have children or pets at home. If we are not careful and do not follow a constant maintenance will need repairs that can be quite expensive, so here are some tips to help us to repair them. decrease that cost.

Small cuts

It is very easy for the leather to tear with the rubbing of a sharp object or by the simple passage of time. They are usually very small cuts but it can be expensive to have them repaired. To do it at home you just need a bit of cleaner and leather glue.

First of all, clean the area around the cut with the cleaner If you are using leather glue, do it with small circular movements and without too much pressure to prevent the damage from getting bigger. The leather glue will not stick to the surfaces if they are dirty, so this is a very important step.

Once clean, apply a little glue inside the hole formed by the cut and glue both parts together. For a more aesthetic result, make sure that both parts are smooth and aligned, so that the imperfection you have just corrected will not be noticed in the future. When you finish, clean the area again with the cleaner to remove all traces of glue that may have remained on the surface of the sofa.

Let the glue dry on its own If the sofa dries on its own, speeding up the process with a hair dryer will only wear the material and make the work look shoddy and unnatural. After an hour the sofa can be used normally again.

Deep cuts and holes

As in the previous case, it is very important to clean the area thoroughly to make it easier for the glue to take effect. When you have the area clean cut out a patch a little bigger than the hole to put inside the sofa, this patch will be used to reinforce the stuffing area and where the glue will go.

Make sure that the patch is made of a material flat and smooth it out well, using a pair of tweezers for example, when you attach it, otherwise the end result will be very unnatural lumps. Use the leather glue to glue the patch to the edges of the hole and leave some 20 minutes to dry naturally.

Use a dye in the colour of your sofa to apply it over the filling. With a sponge go adding it little by little and with several layers so that the color is uniform and you won’t notice the difference between the materials. If you don’t like the way it looks when you apply it, don’t worry, it will take a few minutes to dry so removing it as soon as you put it on is enough.

Once you’ve finished, apply a few coats of leather finish The leather finish can be applied to the leather, waiting a little bit between the first and the second one to dry. This material will provide strength and shine to the repair, so it will have a more natural look will not be noticed that once it was damaged.

Leather maintenance

Before having to resort to these remedies the best thing is to keep your sofa e perfect conditions, something not so difficult if you know how to do it. For starters it is important to avoid the use of chemicals to clean leather, it is a very special material and many of these products can cause damage that is very difficult to repair. Leather is easy to clean so it is always best to resort to the traditional combination of soap and waterIf the stain is very difficult to remove, use specific products for this material.

Another important aspect is to move it away from the sunlight If the fabric is exposed to sunlight, prolonged exposure will dry and fragment the fabric. This can also apply to the fire and moisture both elements are very harmful to leather so if you have a fireplace or a more humid area at home, it is best to keep it away. Of course, watch out for sharp objects, creams and cosmetics near the sofa.


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