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The 11 uses of fabric softener that can be used at home for purposes you can’t imagine.

It’s a product that we all have in our pantries and never thought it could be used in such a variety of ways. and at the same time as precise as these that we present to you today. We want to give you 11 ideas that will help you get the most out of your fabric softener that you like the most because in addition to working with clothes its aromatizing capacity can be used in many cases.

  • Softens food leftovers in pots and pans. Do you have the bad head of leaving your kitchen utensils to soak after cooking and when you go to wash up you leave your hands trying to remove those food leftovers from the bottom of pots and pans? Then follow this tip. Use some fabric softener with hot water and leave the product to act until the remains disappear, making the cleaning task easier.
  • Cleans floors without making them slippery. Many will think that the softener will create an oily patina on their floors and think to use them to polish the tiles, but this is not the case. We must dilute a capful of our favorite fabric softener in a bucket of warm water and proceed to scrub. The floors are left shiny and pleasant smelling and fear not, they won’t be slippery.
  • Helps to remove wallpaper by removing wallpaper. If we want to get rid of the paper on our walls without leaving traces we can use the softener. We only need lukewarm water, a little bit of our product and with the help of a sponge start to soak the walls, we will see how the paper is softening and will be easier to remove.
  • It softens the movable carpets in our living rooms. If you have a great rug and you see it losing that silkiness it had when you got it you can try to. dilute half a capful of fabric softener with 2 litres of water. and clean your carpet without fear.
  • Clean glass, windows and glasses. Softener works great for cleaning glass surfaces. With a tablespoon of this product and half a litre of water we can deal with those windows that you can’t clean effectively. Help yourself with paper or a cloth.
  • Eliminates static electricity. It seems silly, but sometimes it’s annoying to have this electricity in your clothes and it can be fixed with a spray bottle, some warm water and fabric softener..
  • Perfumes curtains. With the help of an atomizer we act just as we have done with the windows. A little fabric softener and warm water. Your curtains will give a great atmosphere to your living room or bedroom.
  • To clean the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to not only be clean, but also to hold the smell of perfume much longer than with a normal detergent, use this mixture: 1/4 softener and 3/4 parts alcohol and cleans tiles, toilets, including screens.
  • Furniture polishing. A tablespoonful of softener and a tablespoonful of alcohol will enable you to clean your furniture so that it is clean and perfumed. We advise you to try it first on a hidden surface. to see the result on your furniture.
  • Removes the musty smell. Closed furniture, trunks or chests can give off a very annoying smell. We propose you this mixture: ½ litre of hot water, a splash of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of fabric softener. Rub the dampness in well and as well as the stains disappearing you’ll get a great perfumed smell.
  • Let our clothes smell more and better. This is a trick to use with our washing machine. We let our laundry finish washing and then pour in the softener by selecting only rinse in the options of our washing machineWe wait for it to finish and this will be the way to make the smell stay longer.


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