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The best natural remedy to repel mosquitoes is a plant and you will be surprised to know which one it is.

It is the season of flies and mosquitoes but also of sleeping with the window open. The first heat wave that we have experienced these days and that has made hundreds of people face again the need to sleep with a little air in the room has brought again one of the drawbacks of summer: the multiplication of mosquitoes. mosquitoes and the flies that enter your house without warning and cause many to wake up with dozens of bites. But there is a solution to avoid the inconvenience these insects cause us. This is the carnivorous plants. A type of plants that are sold in large surfaces such as Ikea or Leroy Merlin (sometimes even in stores like the German supermarket Lidl) and that according to consumers give very good results.

But how do they work? Those who have tried this type of method claim that normally the plants attract flies and the flies are attracted to them. mosquitoes with the bright colors of their flowers. As soon as they manage to catch your attention they close their leaves and “eat” them. It takes several days before the plant reopens and can again face a new “hunt.”

However those who have tried this method warn that this type of plants also need care like the rest. You have to give them away, let them get a little sun (but not too much), and keep an eye on them almost every day. Of course, if you are going to get rid of mosquitoes with them, you will have made a good purchase.

Remember that periodically in our Decoration section you can find hundreds of cleaning tricks that will allow you to have your home clean and ready for inspection. Remember that getting rid of insects such as mosquitoes (which is what we propose in tips like today’s), is not only good for your health and even for your peace of mind. It is also necessary if what you want is to have your house clean.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or invest too much time to clean all the rooms in your home thoroughly. It is enough that you know how to do it in an efficient way so that the results are optimal and that a home like yours deserves. We hope that all the tips that we provide will be useful and that you can carry them out without any problem.

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