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The ultimate trick to stop your pet’s hair sticking to the sofa

Those with pets suffer from it. The upholstery of sofas and cars are among other surfaces, a magnet for animal hair. Getting rid of them is a real hell. With this trick, you will be able to solve this problem with total ease.

In this case, as with any kind of cleaning, there is no single path to success. To get rid of pet hair, you can resort to professional and other homemade solutions.

In this second field, there are numerous home remedies that can help in the arduous task of removing pet hair. One of the most recommended by Internet users is to spray the upholstery in question with a solution of water and vinegar, in equal parts. A spray is recommended for its application. Once sprayed, it should be left for a few minutes and, subsequently, it is advisable to wipe the affected area with a dry cloth.

This is not the only solution that includes the use of water and other substances. There are many users who advise using water with ammonia. The method of application is the same as above: best if sprayed with a spray bottle and then wiped with a mop.

More homemade tricks: use kitchen gloves, rubber, soaked in water. Put them on and run your hand over the hairs, which should remain attached.

There are also those who propose the use of alcoholic beverages.. Specifically white wine, which they recommend applying mixed with ammonia using a brush.

In addition to these homemade tricks, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of uncomfortable hairs. If the power of a homemade one is not enough, you can use the ones from gas stations and service areas, which are more powerful and cheaper.

In any case, and as is the case in all areas of cleaning, it is advisable to recommend that the best way to clean is not to make a mess.. Therefore, if our pets are in continuous contact with upholstery and this is a problem of hair, perhaps the most advisable thing to do is to cover these surfaces with some kind of cover.

If the problem is so severe that none of these tricks have any effect, one of the best options to take is to get into the hands of a professional. Especially in cases of cars, you can resort to washing centers where for a small fee, which can range from 5 to 30 euros.

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