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Horoscopes: What are the most superstitious zodiac signs?

These signs are afraid of broken mirrors, the number 13 and throwing salt.

The Most superstitious zodiac signs. fear him of all things and actions that bring “bad luck.” such as the broken mirrors, going under a ladder, throwing salt, the black cats, the number 13 among others. They constantly avoid them and it is common to see them doing rituals or wearing a lot of amulets to keep negative energies away from their lives. According to the astrology there are 5 signs of the horoscopes Are you one of them? Find out!


Cancers are definitely afraid of Tuesday the 13th! What’s more, they prefer not to go out on that day so as not to be exposed to bad vibes. Being so sensitive, they perceive emotions to the surface so, if something gives them a “bad feeling”, they will immediately run away from there. They like to use amulets such as quartz or bracelets with the Turkish eye, this is how they feel more protected..


As indifferent as they want to seem, all topics related to bad luck and energies interest Leo people too much. It is one of the Zodiac signs more superstitious because they prefer to be prepared to prevent negative energies so they will avoid the whole broken mirrors and the stairs and the number 13…┬áIn addition, they are among the people who daily read the horoscopes to see what their day will be like and what the stars have in store for them.

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Libra’s are one of the most superstitious zodiac signs even if they deny it; they avoid any place or person that transmits bad vibes to them. and immediately that they throw salt, they take a fistful of this food and throw it over their shoulders, in order that nothing bad may happen to them. Also, Librans like esoteric subjects and read everything to be totally protected.


They try to take stock in their life, ie, they do believe in superstitions. However, they try not to let them affect their daily lives, although they do not always succeed in doing so. They enjoy learning about protection rituals and for attract money.

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It could be said to be the most superstitious zodiac sign of all, as they fervently believe in negative energies, esoteric connections and the power of the mind.. In the face of anything unlucky that crosses their path they perform countless rituals to counteract their negativity.


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