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Exercises for knee pain

Knee pain is difficult to deal with, as it is a joint that we use to move continuously, and it goes without saying that it has a negative influence on the intention to practice any type of sport safely and enjoyably.

The knee is a delicate and important joint, since it supports the weight of our body and gives the mobility to the legs to walk. It is also made up of bony elements, menisci, ligaments and muscles. All the parts that make up the knee must be in good condition. good condition since they are essential for the proper functioning of the knee.

Knee pain is something very common, in view of the fact that it is one of the joints that is used the most. For walking, sitting, standing, jumping, running, among others; require the mobility of the knee for the day to day. Thus, it is important to pay attention to knee pain and treat them. In this post you will learn some causes of knee pain and exercises to keep it in good condition.

Cause and effect

Every cause has an effect, so it is significant that you know what can cause knee pain. In this way, you will avoid putting your knees in situations where they can get hurt or even. injure. Some of the causes of knee pain include the following:

  • Weight: the knees bear most of the weight of the body when standing. Carrying excess weight may overtax the knee and cause knee pain.
  • Lack of mobility: if for example you work in an office where you sit all day, and then you don’t do any exercise. Knee pain may arise from lack of mobility.
  • Wear and tear: the opposite of lack of mobility, the knee can wear out from overuse.
  • Age: as age increases the ligaments and bones that make up the knee lose strength. For this reason it is important to exercise.
  • Bad movement: sometimes, some movements are made that are harmful to the body. That is why it is important to know how the knee works in order not to make movements that damage it.

Now that you know the possible causes of knee pain, you can put into practice the following exercises to enjoy a healthy and happy knee:

Air Bike

This exercise is like riding a bike, but without the bike. It is a great exercise for the knees, improves mobility, gives strength to the ligaments and legs. Airbike is ideal for people who do not have much time to devote to exercise, we just have to lie face up on a straight surface, it can be the bed or a yoga mat. Raise your legs at a ninety degree angle and start moving them as if you were pedaling a bicycle.

This exercise is low impact, which is great for when your knee hurts. Since you won’t be bearing the weight of your body because it’s in the air. It is recommended that you do it when you first wake up to wake up the muscles, and before going to sleep to relax them. Air cycling also has another benefit and that is that it also works the abs, so in addition to exercising the knee, you will gain strength in your abs!

Eye of the Needle

Eye of the needle is a yoga pose, called in Sanskrit Sucirandhrasana. This posture is highly beneficial for the legs, ligaments and patella of the knee. To perform this posture lie on your back and bend your knees to your chest, then place your left ankle on your right thigh and allow your left knee to open to the side. Then place your hands on your right thigh and gently push slowly towards your chest.

This position opens the hips and stretches the hamstrings in the legs, as well as rotating and exercising the kneecap. Don’t forget to practice both sides, this exercise will also allow you to relax your body and legs in general after a long day.

Swim like a fish

Swimming is an exercise that you will enjoy a lot. It doesn’t matter the style whether it’s breast, butterfly, backstroke, among others. Swimming helps the knee a lot, it gives it mobility. without high impact because in the water the body is not heavy. Plus, you’ll have healthy, toned legs and have fun.

Swimming also improves flexibility, coordination, respiratory and cardiovascular system. It also prevents osteoporosis in women and defines muscles in men, your knees and the rest of your body will benefit!

Stretching the back of the knees.

Exercising by stretching the back of the knees helps to decrease pain. By improving the flexibility of the hamstrings, it improves the flexibility of the knee. Stretching is very simple, just sit with your back straight and bring your knees bent to your chest, hold the tip of your toes with your hands and stretch slowly without releasing.

Likewise, stretching oxygenates the muscles and increases blood flow. It is recommended if you repeat this exercise about ten times when you first get up, or before doing any other exercise that involves the use of your knees.

Don’t downplay the importance

The knee is the joint largest joint in the body. Do not downplay the importance of knee pain, apply the exercises and you will see results. It is essential that you pay close attention to your knees, they are the support of your body, if they do not work well you will not be able to move as you wish.

Maintain a good nutrition is also significant in keeping knee pain away. Diet high in protein to strengthen the ligaments, muscles and cartilage of the knee; and high in dairy to provide calcium to the bony elements of the knees. Remember, your knees are the pillars of your body, take care of them!


Erik Balley
Erik Bailey
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