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Injurious exercises in the gym

We look at some of the exercises that may not be suitable to do because of their high risk of causing injury or any kind of damage in the medium to long term

Our body performs different movements throughout the day, some of them quite harmless, and others a bit more complicated. Likewise, in exercise there are postures and actions that have a high range of injury risk, most people are unaware of what they are. For this reason, in this post you will learn what injurious exercises you can find in the gym, pay attention!

Before mentioning the injurious exercises, you must be clear about what an injury is. The Dictionary of the Spanish Language defines ‘injury’ as the. bodily damage or detriment caused by a wound, blow or disease.. However, there are exercises in gyms that can be counterproductive to our well-being.

Injurious exercises are not to be taken lightly. Many people end up injuring themselves due to poor warm-up, poor execution, lack of hydration, or overtraining; all of this in addition to the range of injury that the given exercise already possesses. So be extremely careful with the following exercises:

Leg press

The leg press is a machine quite often used in gyms, and in turn the one that is most often used incorrectly. The leg press exercises the quadriceps, it consists of pushing a weight with the legs. The risk of injury lies in the possibility of over-stretching the knee joint.

The knee is a very delicate part of the body, it is a very common area of developing a injury. For this reason, avoid any type of exercise that puts too much pressure on your knees. Abe sure to use the leg press correctly.

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Lat pulldowns

The term Lat pulldown refers to a ‘pulldown’ machine that exercises the chest and back. Since this exercise is based on pulling a barbell behind the neck, It generates a certain level of injury affecting the neck and shoulders.

The biggest mistake people make when doing this exercise is bending the neck or back. It is extremely important to maintain an upright posture at all times. If you do so, you may tend to neglect certain muscles causing them to be misused. So be extremely careful with this machine.

Bench Press

This exercise is one of the most representative exercises in a gym, and at the same time one of the most dangerous. First of all, there is a significant aspect and that is that not everyone can do bench presses. That is to say, the individual must first have endurance, strength and proprioception that are up to the exercise.

Secondly, small details can quickly cause injury. Aspects such as the grip on the bar, pointing your elbows when bending, closing your chest or overbending your wrists, are injurious mistakes that can hurt you.


Deadlift is an exercise that benefits many parts of the body, such as the glutes, lower back, calves, among others. It is included in many workouts, since its results are excellent. However, it is an exercise that you should be very careful with.

This is considered to be a very important injurious exercise. Precisely because its risk is in a vital area of the body, such as the spine. Deadlifts can lead to incorrect use of the lower back, this is actually very dangerous. You must avoid damaging your spine and its vertebrae at all costs.

To avoid risk of injury focus on knowing how to perform the exercise correctly first, and when performing it keep that information in mind. Also, you should keep your back straight at all times so as not to injure it.

Be twice as careful with these exercises in the gym, not just because you risk injury. But because if you do get injured it will affect your performance in all areas that you perform. Also, You can look for alternatives to these exercises that work the same muscles and aren’t as risky.

The good condition of your muscles, ligaments and joints depends on you, you are responsible for what you do and how you do it. So take care of yourself, and eat well; if the body is weak or poorly hydrated you are under a greater chance of injury. Don’t forget what you’ve learned, avoid injuries in the gym!

Erik Balley
Erik Bailey
20 years of experience in the fitness and physical activity sector in Barcelona, personal trainer, instructor of directed activities, nutritionist, I have worked in the most important gyms and chains in the sector.
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