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10 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season

Irritability, apathy, bad mood, or difficulty falling asleep? This is how many people describe their first days after a few weeks of rest. An almost inevitable process whose effects can be alleviated by following some simple tips.

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A few days before, plan your return

Leave at least a day between return and routine daily will help you have a smoother and less traumatic transition.

  • Take advantage of this hiatus, not only to do washing machines, water the plants and fill the fridge, it’s also a good time to call friends and family to tell them about your vacation.
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Check and adjust your diet

Eating away from home, the absence of schedules or going out for tapas more often makes your diet becomes unbalanced completely.

  • Take advantage of the first few days after your return to plan your menus and make a shopping list that’s full of fruits and vegetables.
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Reset schedules

No more naps and going to bed late. With the end of the holidays routines return and among them, getting up early to go to work.

Getting back to everyday schedules can be difficult to cope with. A good way to prevent this from becoming a problem is to do it gradually.

  • By way of rehearsal, set your alarm clock for the time you wake up for work. That way you won’t have such a hard time on D-day.
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Resume sport routines

Return to sports classes paddle, pilates or zumba or going for a run again is an excellent idea for getting back into the routines of everyday life.

  • If you were not signed up for any activity, take advantage of this new stage to get on board the boat of healthy living.
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Reserve a few minutes to meditate

Some of the symptoms of post-holiday syndrome are irritability, loss of appetite, apathy, sleep disturbances and lack of concentration. The return to routine is not easy.

  • To minimize its negative effects we suggest you to practice meditation. It has been proven that 10 minutes is enough to improve our emotional balance.
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Pamper your facial skin

For a perfectly hydrated skin it is always important to keep the habit of. drink 2 litres of water spread throughout the day.

  • After the holidays, the skin, especially the skin of the facewill be especially punished. We suggest that you intensify your daily care with specific moisturizers and nourishing masks.
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Apply extra moisture to your hair

Sun, sand, salt, and chlorine from the pool are the four enemies of hair during the summer.

  • Even if you’ve taken the necessary precautions, during the first weeks of “normality” in the city, it is not out of place to apply yourself moisturizing masks to repair and nourish hair.
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Restores cracked heels

One of the parts of the body that suffer the most in summer are the heels. The high temperatures and the friction constant friction with the ground when carrying sandals or flip-flops cause them to crack in a short time.

  • Don’t neglect their hydration and apply an specific cream on a regular basis.
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Make an appointment for your pending medical visits

Check skin blemishes or consult the reason for some gastrointestinal discomfort has become an unfinished business that you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Make an appointment with the specialist you need or better yet, get a general checkup.
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Think about your next holiday destination

Have medium-term goals or objectives is a good way to look ahead and not to get “stuck” in the past holidays.

  • Check when your next days off will be, look for a destination that excites you and start with the preparations. Great trips are enjoyed long before you leave.

how to adapt to the routine

How good it is to be on vacation! For a few days, we have enjoyed the feeling of living without schedules, of sharing tables and tablecloths with friends, and of carrying out many of the activities that throughout the year it is impossible for us to carry out. And of course, it’s easy to get used to that.

However, from one day to the next, it “closes paradise.” and we return to the harsh reality. When this happens, adaptation is not as easy as the other way around.

Upon returning home many experience what experts have termed. post-holiday syndrome. A disorder that gathers symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, apathy, or lack of concentration.

How to avoid or minimize these effects? In the gallery you have seen, we have collected some tips that can help you to make the back to routine is just that and not a “divine punishment”.

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