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7 postures you should correct at home to avoid low back pain

Low back pain is the most common back pain. Most of the time it is due to incorrect postures or efforts that we tend to do without realizing it. Take a look at the following and correct bad habits.

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Adjust the vacuum cleaner hose

If you use the vacuum cleaner at home you should keep an upright posture and do not bend your back. Most models have an extendable tube with various positions. which it is important that you adjust to your height.

Slide the vacuum cleaner brush. in an area near your feet.

  • If you try to reach a lot of ground in a single pass, this will force you to. lean your body more.
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How is your washing machine?

The back is most grateful for top-loading models, which are not the most common in homes. If the one you have is a front-loading one, remember that it is not advisable to bend your torso forward when putting in or taking out the clothes.

Put the basket with the clothes on the floor in front of the washing machine, and descend by bending your knees and squatting down or if you find it tiring, bend one leg and rest the knee of the other on the floor.

  • You can also use this movement to bend down when filling the dishwasher, putting something in the oven, picking something up from the floor or from lower drawers…
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Sweeping with a straight back

It is the same here as when vacuuming, be careful not to tilt your body too much.

  • The key to avoiding this is to hold the broom handle in such a way that you can keep your back straight at all times (the same advice applies to the mop). It is essential that you get one that is suitable for your height, there are different sizes.
  • You use a dustpan with a stick, instead of one that only has the shovel and you will avoid having to bend down.
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To iron, lift one foot

First of all, adjust the height of the ironing board so that you can have, once again, a straight back. It is recommended that it is approximately at the height of your navel.

  • Then place a small stool underneath and put one of the feet on top of it. Change feet from time to time.
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Avoid standing on tiptoe

If you have to take something from a tall cupboard, put a book down on the shelf, hang a picture, clean the windows…. what do you usually do? Surely, stand on your tiptoes and stretch out your arms… until you reach it.

  • In this way you are forcing an unnatural posture not only of your back, but also of your arms and shoulders, fertile ground for an unnatural contracture or strain.
  • Get on a stoolA safe stool is a great addition to your home. Climb up and try to use both hands as much as possible.
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The sofa moment

If you lie down on the couch and turn your head to watch TV you’re hurting your cervicals. But if what you do is half turn your torso or turn sideways.you force your back to adopt a unnatural curvature.

  • It is best to be seated, with the back straight and well supported on the back of the sofa.
  • If you want to stretch your legs use a footrest that is the same height as the seat of the sofa.
  • The tele must be in front of you so that you don’t turn your body or your neck.
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Upload purchase

Avoid carrying too much weight and distribute it between both arms (no more than 2 kg in each hand). If you’re going to buy a lot, take a trolley… but which model do you have?

  • The most recommended are the ones that are carried in front and pushed (do it without leaning). The usual models that go behind force you to make an eThe usual models at the back force you to pull with your arm and shoulder. and to have the body half cocked to one side. A posture that can also promote lumbago and contractures.


Who hasn’t ever felt that sharp, sometimes crippling pain at the level of the kidneys? Eight out of 10 people will suffer low back pain at some point in their lives, according to the Spanish Society of Rheumatology. And 18.6% of the population, chronically.

Adopting incorrect postures, both at work and in everyday activities, as well as straining, such as lifting weights, are the most common causes of low back pain. But there are also other risk factors, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle and, believe it or not, even smoking.

The good news is that in the majority of cases this type of pain can be prevented by adopting healthy habits.

But surely at home you adopt postures or make movements without realizing that can cause low back pain. And you should correct them, because it is a matter of gestures that you repeat many times and on a daily basis, especially when doing household chores.


People who often suffer from low back pain may soon be able to count on a gadget to help them adopt healthy postural habits. to achieve better rehabilitation and prevent pain.

The device will improve the rehabilitation of low back pain.

Researchers from the University of JaĆ©n have designed a device composed of small, wireless, and waterproof sensors, which are placed on the patient’s spine using a non-toxic adhesive.

Sensors send information about the tilt of each vertebrae in real time and via Bluetooth to the mobile phone. And the phone notifies the person when they adopt an incorrect posture and offers them guidelines to correct it.

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