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What to do to deflate at every moment of the day?

Ending the “balloon effect” depends as much on what we do as on the order in which we do it. Here are 10 simple and effective tips against fluid retention.

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At breakfast, have oatmeal

Opt for a drink of this cereal (fortified with calcium if you wish, but no added sugars) or natural oat flakes.

  • Extra: It’s a pimple integral gluten free. Half a cup contains a high amount of nutrients and a little salt.
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Between meals, infusions

Choose a herbal tea of elderberry, dandelion, olive leaves, horsetail, birch, or fennel. And, if possible, don’t sweeten it or sweeten it very little.

  • Extra: They are natural diuretics that increase diuresis (amount of urine), so they release the body of water.
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At lunch, a green tea…

Include it in your diet unless you are anemic or have problems with assimilating iron from food.

  • ExtraContains caffeine -in a smaller proportion than coffee- and a lot of antioxidants. Hence increased urination.
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At dinner, add ginger

If you haven’t gotten used to its taste yet, start by adding very little. Today it is possible to find it in powder form and it is very easy to use.

  • Extra: Ginger makes the blood thinner and improves blood circulation so¬†that everything can be improved.
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At any time, a broth

In the summer, you can (and should) also drink defatted vegetable broths (warm) at any time. It is another way to “drink” and restore the internal water balance.

  • Extra: Just before taking it… Add the lemon juice freshly squeezed and you will enhance its diuretic effect.
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Every day, vegetables

Try to eat steamed vegetables every day. Buy them fresh and avoid processed foods.

  • Extra: It would be fabulous for your fabrics if start the day with a celery juice beetroot, radish, carrot, and apple juice.
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At night, little salt

The World Health Organization recommends no more than 2 g of sodium per day, which is equivalent to 5 g of salt.

In principle, it seems easy to control if we reduce the table salt we add to dishes. However, the tricky part is to avoid “hidden” salt that is already included in processed foods.

  • Extra: Reduce salt at meals. Especially at night, as you’ll probably wake up feeling bloated.
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Exercise, so that everything flows

Do some physical activity such as walking at a moderate or brisk pace walking, swimming, or cycling is a good way to get rid of fluids your body doesn’t need.

  • Extra: ‘Jumping up and down’ helps the lymphatic system to naturally eliminate substances or toxins from the lymph system.. It also improves blood circulation.
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Add protein to your diet

It has been proven that a low protein diet promotes fluid retention. Try to include this nutrient in your diet.

  • Extra: Food as the egg contains proteins of high biological value. You can also get this nutrient from mushrooms, chickpeas, peanuts, soybeans, or lentils.
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Balance your liquids with minerals

If you strive to obtain 200 mg a day, you will soon find that you retain much less fluid. To get to that amount, all you need to do is 70 g of brown rice (uncooked)) and two tablespoons of wheat germ added to yogurt.

  • Extra: Also the potassium helps. You’ll find it in some fruits like kiwi, melon, orange, and banana. And vegetables like artichoke, cabbage, beetroot, potato, and avocado.


Do you tend to retain fluid? If so, you’ve probably noticed that if you weigh yourself at the end of the day, the scales can show a difference of up to two kilos between morning and evening.

Fluid accumulation increases as the hours go by. Now, you don’t have to sit on your hands. You can take some steps to slow the progression and relieve swelling.

  • In the gallery you’ve just seen, we’ve collected 10 basic tips that will help you deflate and regain your figure and well-being. You will see that depending on the time of day the effects of food or habits can vary and will be more or less effective. Infusions in the middle of the afternoon or broths throughout the day are some of the good measures that we have included.
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